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How to be Happy

An average of two books a week on the subject of Happiness is landing on my doorstep.  I have brought it on myself by ordering them, but I’m still finding it a little overwhelming.  Just trying to decide which to read next is a task in itself.

One that has stood out though is How to Be Happy by Liz Hoggard, which reports on a BBC TV experiment Making Slough Happy (Slough is a town in England, about twenty five miles from London).  This book is a million miles from the spiritual tomes pointing towards working on your inner self normally so beloved by me.  It presents the findings of the many, many studies on the subject (let me tell you there are thousands – more overwhelm!) in an easily digestible manner and gives practical guidance on what you can do to dramatically increase your own personal levels of satisfaction, while providing examples of what succeeded in the TV experiment.

It also tackles specific issues such as work, love life, sex life, raising happy children and health.  If you would like to increase your own personal happiness but are too cynical to absorb the message of the more touchy feely books on the subject, I think you’ll enjoy this one.  It certainly appeals to the former cynic in me, and I’m off now to see about getting a copy of the TV series on DVD…

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