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The Secret

I believe in the Law of Attraction, but for the last couple of years my sister has taken the piss out of me anytime I’ve tried to tell her about it.  That is until I recently made her sit down and watch The Secret.  This dvd does an amazing job of communicating the power of the Law of Attraction in a way that just clicks with people who would never have previously accepted they are co-creating their own reality.

Recently there was an Oprah show dedicated to The Secret, and there was such an overwhelming response to it that they did a follow up show just one week later.  For those already familiar with the law of attraction, there are limitations to The Secret (for me, it’s about detachment, which doesn’t get mentioned – I’ll post on that later).  But if you’re new to the concept, this dvd is a really good introduction.  Listed below are the main lessons from the movie itself and the Oprah shows:

  • Focus your attention on what you want, NOT on what you don’t want, NOR the lack of what you want.  What you focus on increases in your life, so if you’re focusing your attention on what you don’t want you’ll attract more of what you don’t want.  If you focus on the lack of what you do want, you’ll attract more of that lack.  Energy flows where attention goes.
  • Your thoughts and your feelings create your life.  Your feelings are the most important element – thoughts without the feelings aren’t nearly as powerful.
  • The three steps are: Ask, Believe it is already yours, Receive.  Ask only once.  If you ask twice, you don’t really believe.  Receiving is about feeling now the way you will feel when you have what you want.
  • You don’t need to know how – the way will be shown to you.
  • You must also take action.  Thoughts, feelings and actions must all be aligned with what it is that you want.   Take inspired action.  Any action you take should be joyous.
  • One of the most powerful tools is gratitude.  Nothing new can come into your life without gratitude for what you already have.  Focusing on things to be grateful for attracts more experiencees that inspire your gratitude.
  • Another powerful tool is visualisation.  When visualising what you want in your life, dwell only on the end result (not on the how, you don’t need to worry about that – it will unfold itself in good time), but do so with vivid detail, and feel as though it is already yours.
  • Debt is a function of unforgiveness.  Unforgiveness is a form of self-abuse because it keeps attracting similar experiences over and over. 
  • Forgiveness is when you can genuinely say "Thank you for giving me that experience".  It is giving up the hope that the past could have been different and instead appreciating the gifts that have come out of the experience.
  • In a chronic siutation, ask the question "If this were to last forrever, in what way would I need to grow in order to be at peace?"
  • In the midst of a crisis ask yourself "What is this here to teach me?"
  • You are the first example of how the world is supposed to love you, so you have to give the best example ever.
  • To achieve true wealth, focus on what you want to create not only financially, but relationally, intellectually, physically and spiritually.
  • The Law of Attraction is not about positive thinking.  It’s affirmative realisation through right action.
  • Don’t be anti-anything (you’ll attract more of what you’re anti).  Be pro it’s opposite.
  • Mediocrity always attacks excellence.  Don’t feel threatened by other people’s success.  Celebrate other’s good as if it were your own.
  • A powerful affirmation:  "I am available to more good than I have ever experienced, realised or imagined."
  • What you love the most AND what you fear the most will manifest in your life, because that’s where you are focussing your energy.

You can get your copy of The Secret here but I think all the main lessons are outlined in the Oprah shows which you can watch for free on:

http://whatanicewebsite.com/oprah.wmv   (40 mins)

http://whatanicewebsite.com/Oprah-Feb16.wmv  (40 mins)

http://whatanicewebsite.com/aftertheshow.wmv  (20 mins)

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