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Friday’s Link Love 27.04.07

Craig Harper wrote a brilliant tough-love post on Learning to be Proactive not Reactive.  I recognised my old self in the reactive descriptions, but thankfully am progressing more and more into the ‘choosing to do before I have to’ category.  Still, it’s good to be reminded every now and again.  If you need a kick up the behind, head on over to Renovate your Life with Craig and read it.  This post will get you in gear for sure!

I have limiting beliefs around money (the most dominant being "money can’t buy me happiness"), which I’m tyring hard to overcome.  So Gretchen Rubin’s post Can money buy some happiness? In my case, YES. was a useful reminder for me that money isn’t all that bad, and I do agree that if you know yourself and choose wisely, money can definitely contribute to your happiness.

We are told that inner peace is the way to world peace.  When we all are at a place of inner peace, the collective consciousness will bring about world peace.  In I Know NOTHING About War Nneka posts about the little things we can do in our daily lives to make our own contribution to "create a world in which peace prevails".

In my Thought for the Week on Monday I encouraged you to take a chance in life.  But if you didn’t quite have the courage to go for it, and just let a great opportunity slip by, don’t panic – the time probably wasn’t quite right for you yet.  In his fabulous post Just blew the chance of a lifetime?  – Don’t worry, be happy :) Alan reminds us that there will always be more (and probably better) opportunities coming our way.  Check it out on Made to be Great.

Have a great weekend.  Here in Ireland the forecast is for sunny – another lovely happiness booster ;-)

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One comment on “Friday’s Link Love 27.04.07
  1. Nneka says:

    Hi Hilda, thanks for the link love. I really appreciate the comment that you left. I thought of the post after talking to my friend whose husband is in Iraq.

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