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14 Day Kick in the Booty Challenge

Today, I’ve finally gotten round to taking up Kammie K’s 14 day challenge.  I was procrastinating because I wanted to find something relatively easy (and fun) that I could commit to easily and know I’d persist with it.  But the whole time at the back of my mind I knew I really wanted to take on a tough and physical challenge.

I’m tired of stating the intention every day to be fit and healthy, and then not acting in alignment with that goal.  My last cholestorel score was 6.9, and though it’s more down to genetics than lifestyle I know it’s possible to get it down to a safe level.  Generally I do eat healthily, but over my two weeks in France I ate ALOT of cheese, and had dessert nearly every evening.  And when it comes to exercise, I lazily let myself off the hook given any excuse.

But enough is enough.  I want a new cholestorel score, one of 5 or lower.  And I want it now!  So, for the next 14 days I commit to a full hour of exercise: 40 minutes of aerobics and 20 minutes of upper/lower body exercise on alternate days.  The aerobic side is going to be tough.  Today, I only managed 30 minutes – I might have to work up to the 40.  But that’s ok, I’d rather start off easy and up the intensity than overdo it at the start and wind up falling off the wagon.

Care to join me?  What do you really, really want that you’re not committing to?  How would a little bit of action every day for two weeks contribute to the achievement of that?  Remember, the Law of Attraction tells us we can’t just think and feel our way to what we desire, we must also act as if we’re already there.  I now act as a fit and healthy person.  How are you acting?   

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2 comments on “14 Day Kick in the Booty Challenge
  1. Priscilla says:

    Congradulations on making a commitment to work out. Just remember to make it fun, in order to increase you odds for success.

  2. Emma Bird says:

    Hi Hilda
    Congrats on setting the challenge. Looking forward to reading of your progress.
    All the best

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