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Happy Positive Thinking Day!

Today is Positive Thinking Day, a virtual movement instigated by Kirsten Harrell, who has posted the following on her blog today:

"Positivity is contagious… really!  So, as you make the commitment today to be positive and to hold positive thoughts you will influence those around you.  That’s how we change the world… we start with ourselves!  When you are focused on the positive then there will be a ripple effect that spreads out from you.  You can make a difference!  Yes, I am talking to you – each one of you.  So… come on, let’s set out today to change the world… one thought at a time!"

If you’re reading my blog, I suspect you’re a fan of positive thinking too, and you will enjoy reading the offerings on http://www.positivethinkingday.com/ If you’re a bit more dubious about the power of positive thinking, then today couldn’t be a better day to give it a whirl and see what happens.  Try applying at least a few of Kirsten’s recommendations, and have a wonderfully positive day.

10 ways to create a positive day

1. Use affirmations – Read and listen to affirmations so that you can begin to change your self-talk.

2. Intention – Set your intention each morning to have a positive day! Remember you choose your attitude!

3. Mindfulness – Keep your attention in the present moment.

4. Link to think -Pick something you do frequently (perhaps making a phone call) and let that be a reminder to think a positive thought.

5. Gratitude – Develop an attitude of gratitude by keeping a gratitude journal.

6. Inspiration – Read and watch inspirational and motivational material to lift your mood.

7. Positive people – Surround yourself with positive people. They will help you stay focused on the positive.

8. Kindness – Be kind to yourself and those around you.

9. Applied faith – Trust that every situation has the seeds for growth and opportunity.

10. Smile – Smile when you see others. Smile when you are talking on the phone. A smile is contagious. 

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6 comments on “Happy Positive Thinking Day!
  1. Hi Hilda,
    Thanks again for helping us spread the word about Positive Thinking Day! It was a great day and now there are 365 days until the next one. ;)

  2. Bob says:

    Hello there! I am inviting members of Priscilla Palmer’s Personal Development List to participate in a blog series based on the Desiderata. I hope you’ll consider participating.

  3. That was a really knowledgeable post. I often find that this topic is complicated to get your head round but you have summed it up really well. You reminded me of a guy I was reading the other day who was really good too.

  4. thinkbanc says:

    I have to comment on your last post about the subject as it was so informative. You really know what you are talking about and can explain things really well. I have only read posts by one other guy who writes as well as you do.

  5. Hilda says:

    Thanks Thinkbanc for your kind comment, though I think in this case the credit for the post goes to Kirsten.
    all the best,

  6. There are times that I conflict with wrapping my head around topics like this, but aided me so much.
    Good Wishes!

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