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The Game of Life – April 09

The Game of Life is a newsletter I send to subscribers by email.  In the past I used to write one feature article and one book review per issue.  This month I changed the format.  I'm now choosing a theme each month and providing links to posts and articles around the web that I've come across and thought my readers would get value from.  And I've decided to post those links here too.  This month's theme is change/rebirth/renewal ~ inspired by Springtime

Clearing clutter can be a very powerful way to bring about a shift in your energy, not only at a physical level but also on the mental, spiritual and emotional levels. I posted on this subject last week: Spring has sprung: time to declutter.

And continuing on the decluttering theme, this article from O magazine walks you through every corner of your home, leaving you with no excuses: 12 Ways to Unclutter your Life

Nadia at Happy Lotus talks about how we can be happier having less rather than more in The Call to Simplify.

Craig Harper has many powerful questions for you in For my World to change, first I must change. And he has some serious tough love for those who want to get out of their own personal Ground Hog Day in Making the Same Mistakes"Success or failure is not pre-determined, it's me-determined" – you have been warned ;-)

Postively Present talks about how difficult it can be dealing with change and suggests some ways to cope in Change your mind about change.

One Small Step Can Change Your Life: the Kaizen Way by Robert Maurer is reviewed by Anne Pyle on Joyful Jubilant Learning. I haven't read this yet but the review is very convincing and I'm waiting for my copy to arrive in the post…

Also on Joyful Jubilant Learning, Karen Wallace reviews The Age of Miracles: The New Midlife by Marianne Williamson. I am reading this book at the moment and although Williamson speaks to readers in their 50s and 60s I believe younger readers will find plenty of value in it too.

"Instead of feeling that it's all downhill from here (body and soul) Marianne conveys through her warmth and her love that midlife is the time to finally accept our true power. Now, more than ever before, we can change the world." Read the review here.


"Sometimes it's the smallest decisions that can change your life forever." – Keri Russell

I hope you'll take the time to check out some of these posts and will find them useful.  And if you have come across any others on the theme of change/rebirth/renewal I'd love to know about them too ;-)

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7 comments on “The Game of Life – April 09
  1. Wow! Thank you so much for mentioning my site on here. That’s awesome.
    And thanks for providing a great list of links for me to check out. :)

  2. Hilda says:

    You’re welcome PP, I hope others enjoy your post as much as I did : )

  3. Lance says:

    Hi Hilda,
    Spring is a wonderful time for rebirth and renewal! Great links, I’m off to check out a couple I haven’t visited yet. And I love the Keri Russell quote – it’s so true that even small decisions can have such a huge impact in our lives. Makes me think about the decisions I’m making – and are they in alignment with “me”.

  4. Hi Hilda! Nice site. Found it through Daphne’s Dear Coaches. Looking forward to reading more of your posts :-)

  5. Hilda says:

    Hi Jocelyn,
    Thanks for visiting and your comment. I hope you like more in the future : )
    Hi Lance,
    yes, it’s important to make decisions that are aligned with our true selves. And it’s much easier to begin with our ordinary day to day decisions (like will I have an apple or a bar of chocolate?) than with the bigger life-changing ones. When the little ones are aligned with who we are AND who we want to become, the bigger ones won’t be so hard to make.

  6. kirwin says:

    Hi Hilda,
    These look like great articles to read — thanks for finding them and listing them! I’ve read a couple of them already, but look forward to reading the rest.
    I usually do a pretty good job of decluttering, but I have new incentive now that we’re sure we’re moving by the end of the year. Moving (and packing up things) sheds new light on what’s important and worth keeping.

  7. Hilda says:

    Hi Kirwin,
    Thanks for your comment, I hope you enjoyed the other posts.
    Nothing like a house move to motivate you to declutter and stay decluttered – I’ve moved three times in the last three years and it’s helped me to focus on not acquiring more than I need! And shortly after decluttering and space clearing the last place (which wasn’t right for me) this one (which is great!) came looking for me!! I really wasn’t even looking. I just made the last place as perfect as it could be, and then an even more perfect place fell into my lap.
    I love it when that happens! Hope you experience the same magic :-)

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