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Lighten up!

(a Thought for the Week)

Funny kitten "I can think of no better way of redeeming this tragic world today than love and laughter. Too many of the young have forgotten how to laugh, and too many of the elders have forgotten how to love. Would not our lives be lightened if only we could all learn to laugh more easily at ourselves and to love one another."  ~  Theodore Hesburgh
"You can turn painful situations around through laughter. If you can find humor in anything, even poverty, you can survive it." – Bill Cosby

"Enlightenment means to lighten up.  Don't take yourself too seriously."  ~  Deepak Chopra

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8 comments on “Lighten up!
  1. “Enlightenment means to lighten up. Don’t take yourself too seriously.” I love that. Taking yourself too seriously is never a good thing. I love that picture. It’s great!

  2. Lance says:

    Lighten up, laugh, live life – a pretty great prescription for a live well lived!
    Have a day full of joy and laughs Hilda! And I will too!

  3. Hilda says:

    Hi Dani,
    Isn’t that a great quote! I have to say I’m a big fan of Deepak Chopra, he’s written some fabulous books – I highly recommend reading him.
    Hi Lance,
    I certainly will. I’m off to buy a bike today and so excited about it : ) I haven’t cycled properly in about fifteen years and have to do 44km in a month’s time – the old me would be stressed about whether or not I can do it, but the now me isn’t taking it too seriously and just focussed on enjoying it.

  4. Lori says:

    When people ask me what made me fall in love with my husband, I instinctively tell them that it was because he made me laugh. He still makes me laugh, and he’s one of the few people in my life that doesn’t take me too seriously (expecially when I’m taking myself or life way too seriously).
    Thanks for the great quotes.

  5. Hilda says:

    Hi Lori,
    I’m so glad you liked them and that they reminded you of your hubbie! I think fun and laughter are crucial, and value them very highly. Life gets very hard and heavy when we take it all too seriously. And eventhough there’s plenty of things that simply are serious, if we can manage to lighten up about them – even just a little – it not only makes them easier to cope with, but often also brings inspiration and creativity around better ways to deal with them.

  6. Lance says:

    Hilda, awesome on the bike and on the upcoming ride! You’re going to do great!

  7. I know someone whose babies rarely smile. I realized it is because the mother always frowns and rarely smiles. It is true that our children learn by watches the parents. Smiling is such a simple thing to do but has so much to do with our happiness. When I am around children, I can feel my heart opening wide to receive and give love. I want to feel that all of the time.

  8. Hilda says:

    Thanks Lance, it was the first time in about 15 years (!!!) that I cycled a proper bike. But I’ve been having loads of fun on it the last few days – I really should have got one a whole lot sooner!
    Hi Patricia,
    I recently did an exercise in an Awareness class that made all of us there realise how much our own energy is influenced by the energy of everyone else around us – and mostly we’re not conscious of this effect at all. It’s important to set the intention – on a daily basis – to protect our own energy and not take on the energy of any negative influences we encounter during the day.

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