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Getting into the prosperity mindset

Seven(ish) years ago I began to develop an abundance mindset.  I can trace it back around about that length of time, because I acquired a kitten a few months later and in order to choose a name I looked up “prosperity” in the thesauris.  I found “life of Riley” and instantly decided on her name while vaguely hoping she turned out to be a boy.  (She didn’t!  But she doesn’t seem to mind having a boyish name ;-) )  And I think she’s going to be seven this summer.  Although maybe she’s gonna be eight… 

But anyway, to get back to the point, I began to consciously develop an awareness of all the abundance and prosperity that was already present in my life, and in doing so I began to attract even more.  My money manifesting abilities were amazing.  Previous to all of this, I was a huge sceptic on all things spiritual, but suddenly I found myself having to question my questioning.  And my mind opened up and stayed open.  (I wasn’t just manifesting money, but also positive experiences and surprising myself by being happy while also being miserable at work!)


Since then I’ve consciously developed and maintained a spiritual openness, and I’m constantly delighted by the positive twists and turns I find myself taking.  BUT, in the area of money I keep swinging backwards and forwards between poverty and prosperity consciousness.

To hold the belief that you are in abundance when your income is unpredictable is challenging.  In the early days I didn’t care how “crazy” it was, I held it anyway and abundance is what I constantly manifested.  But gradually I allowed my energy to be influenced by the scepticism of others.   And in alignment with that, I’ve watched the significant sum of money I manifested dwindle.  Which in turn fed into a growing anxiety that I need to be more “careful” with money.

And you know what, this careful attitude is not serving me well!  I really am in abundance.  But my hard cash is running out and if I keep going as I am by the end of this year I will be in poverty.  Not because I’m being frivilous with my money (I’m not), but because money is energy and my energy around my finances is one of constriction rather than expansion.

So I’m not having it anymore.  I’m getting back to the mindset I had when I could wish for a new kitchen or a deck out the back and an unexpected cheque comes in the door to pay for it :-)

When I went skiing last week (an unexpected birthday present from my friends – see, am I in abundance or what?!), for light reading I brought along a money manifesting book: The Trick to Money is Having Some by Stuart Wilde.  Some of his concepts aren’t for me, but alot resonated, and in truth were things I’ve known for a long time but have not been applying.  I enjoyed the read (he’s funny!) and I’m delighted to now apply the following of his recommended strategies:

  • Agree that you are worthy of receiving free money – it is ok to get money without any effort at all (I really like this one ;-))  Agree to allow your intuition to always place you in the right place at the right time.
  • Pick up all the money you find, even if it’s only a penny (and if it’s covered in gum).  The Universe doesn’t place value on items or expereinces as we do, and if you reject money in any form or quantity, well you’re rejecting it, so it’s not too likely that nicer, bigger sums will come your way afterwards…
  • Accept everything you are offered by others, even if you have no need of it – you can always give it to someone else who does need it.  Accept it graciously, not with embarrassment.  As with money, do not quantify things in terms of perceived value.  Accept all forms of energy that comes to you, some of it will be money, some love, opportunities etc
  • Charge what you’re worth – decide right now to increase your prices!  (Yep, I’m gonna do that!)
  • Think rich – never endorse a thought form of lack or scarcity in your circumstances.  Also, never endorse the poverty of another.
  • Be comfortable with uncertainty.  You don’t need security – all you need is creativity and energy to overcome anything that crops up in your life. 
  • Feel rich – surround yourself with a few good quality items rather than lots of junk.  Don’t seek bargains just for the sake of it, but when what you actually need or want comes to you inexpensively (or for free) feel as rich as you would if you’d paid full price for it.
  • Adopt an air that says you are becoming wealthy – go to places where the wealthy hang out and hang out there.  Don’t go ordering bottles of champagne you can’t afford, but order a coffee and sit for a while and absorb the vibes of the place.
  • Apply the force of will.  Will is even stronger than intention.  It is intention infused with essence of your Spirit.  When you apply the force of will failure is not an option. 

The last point I think is key.  I always set myself intentions, but I’m also wary of becoming too attached to their outcome.  And so, it’s probably rare that I apply the force of will to my intentions.  But the penny has dropped for me and I get that I need to align my energy with my intentions. 

I still need to be detached as to how they will manifest, but not give up on the belief that when the time is right, they will manifest either exactly as I wished for, or in an even better way than I had dreamed of.  I need to hold onto that belief, and act as though it were true, while being patient and open as to how and when they will become a physical reality in time and space.

Starting today, I’m gonna realign my energy with a mindset of prosperity!  I’m going to employ all of Stuart’s tips and more.  Next up is to listen to Andrea Hess’s teachings on the subject.  And then I must count all the coins I have stored in jars, and sractch that lottery ticket that could have €10,000 on it, and clear out the rubbish out of my purse….

Has anyone out there got any other hints and tips to help me get back in the groove?

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