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Getting in alignment

We all want stuff!  Be it health, wealth, relationships, houses, cars, fabulous holidays….  the list is potentially endless.  We want what we want, and generally we want it now!  It doesn’t matter what your desires are – the way to see them manifest into physical reality is to be energetically aligned with whatever it is that you want.

Everything in your life is a form of energy – people, things and experiences.  And the people, things and experiences you attract will reflect your own energy.  What that means essentially, is that your beliefs, thoughts, words, feelings and deeds (all energy) create the circumstances of your life.

If you’re into personal development you’re more than likely well aware of this.  And I’ll bet you’ve done alot of inner work, paying alot of attention to your thoughts and beliefs and shifting your energetic focus to serve you better. 

Me too!

But I still find myself slipping in and out of my prosperity mindset (prosperity in the broadest sense, not just financially speaking).  It can be hard to sustain.  And what I’ve noticed quite a bit is that when I do slip it tends to be in the deeds department.  I forget to act in alignment with my desires! 

Florence Scovel Shinn called it ‘digging your ditches’ and Louise Hay and other more recent metaphysicians call it ‘acting as if’.  It’s important that your actions reflect faith in the manifestation of your desires.  If they don’t, then most probably your beliefs are out of alignment – no matter how much you affirm the opposite.  And ‘acting as if’ can actually help to move your beliefs from limiting to higher-serving.

Recently I’ve been very focussed on getting back into a mindset of prosperity, and I’ve been attracting a wealth of advice in the form of perfect books and blog posts to help me get back in the groove.  And the big message that’s been coming back to me is that I’m not aligned with my desires because my actions are incongruent with my intentions.

So now my job is redress that!  And if you relate to this then here are some suggestions I have to help you get yourself in alignment with your own desires:

If you want to be surrounded by positive people, don’t bitch and moan about the negativity of those you’re currently surrounded by.  Bitching and moaning is energy, and will attract bitchy, moany people into your orbit.  If you can’t say anything nice, say nothing at all.  Even if keeping quiet leads to social isolation it’s worth it.  You’re making space for something more positive and soon positive people will show up for you to hang out with.

If you want to be in a long-lasting monogamous relationship, stop having no-strings casual relationships that aren’t going anywhere.  Even if you’re having alot of fun right now, your energy won’t be aligned with what you truly want.  Your thoughts, feelings and actions all need to be in synch.   Set boundaries and honour them yourself!  If you don’t then no-one else will.

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, then don’t go for the temptation of a quick-fix diet.  Make the lifestyle changes that will result in long-term results, but might be slower to achieve.  Bit by bit you’ll be aligning your energy with being the person you want to be instead of temporarily drop-kicking someone you’re not into your body.  (Cos it will be temporary.  When the diet’s over the new body will morph back into the old)

If you want to be happy at work, then figure out at least one thing you can do every day to feel better in the job you’re in right now.  The circumstances may be difficult, but take responsibility for your own happiness and do something that will make a difference to you personally.  For example, go for a short walk at lunchtime, or do a ten minute meditation (you can do this at your desk – all you need to be able to do is sit down and close your eyes), go for coffee with a colleague who lifts your energy.  One small thing per day will make a difference, and inspire you to do more and more small things that will make a bigger difference.  Incrementally, you will begin to raise your vibration to be in alignment with a work situation that you prefer.

If you want to live in your dream home, make the place you’re living in right now as perfect as it can be.  Home is a feeling, not a building.  Declutter, organise, inject your personality and repair what needs repairing.  Lavish love and affection on the space as if you were making it your home forever, even if it is temporary and not perfect.  Then you will be a vibrational match for your perfect home.

If you want to win the lottery, read this post by Evelyn and be sure to watch the Esther Hicks videos she posted!

You are where you are today as a result of the choices you made and actions you took in the past.  Today’s choices and actions create who you will be and what you will have tomorrow.  The sooner you choose to act in alignment with your desires, the sooner they will evolve from wishes to manifested reality.

So, let’s get to work and don’t forget your shovel! ;-)

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4 comments on “Getting in alignment
  1. Hilda, I’m a HUGE fan of both women whose work you referenced. Most recently, I read the Complete Writings of Florence Scovel Shinn, and then bought six copies to give away! (I didn’t have a job at the time, either… and yet the money was always there. ACT AS IF!)

    One thing I’ve found for myself is that there is a mighty fine line between desire and affirming what we do not have. So for instance, when I say, “I want a perfect-for-me relationship!” we are, on the flip side of that coin, affirming that we don’t have that presently.

    I’ve found that when I can become really content with my life as it is, and release myself from desired outcomes, amazing new stuff comes pouring in.

    This is a great topic, though, and one that’s near and dear to my heart. So glad you wrote about it!

  2. A lovely post Hilda and one filled with alot of great thoughts. One of the big milestones on the way to being and living how we truly want to is being able to realise when we have slipped out of the mindset that we know will bring us to where we want to be. Journeys are never one directional, especially when that takes a lifetime, recognising when we have digressed offers learning in itself

  3. Evelyn Lim says:

    I find that when I shift into greater alignment with who I really am, a wealth of resources and opportunities start to open up. Events unfold as if they are being orchestrated by a higher power. Everything seems to fall in place and in good time. I feel more connected in love not just from within, but have more love to share as well.

  4. Hilda says:

    Hi Megan,

    Your comment echoes one of the points Esther Hicks talked about in the video Evelyn posted, and it resonated with me so much that I wrote it down: the place you want to be in, to be aligned with your desires, is satisfied with where you are now and eager for more. Like you said, when I am in that space amazing stuff flows to me. The trick (for me) is staying in that space ;-)

    Hi Beverley,

    Your comment made me smile, because when I woke up this morning I found myself thinking about the unexpected twists and turns we take in life, and how interesting they can be. I used to get frustrated when I’d realised that I’d “slipped” from a conscious to unconscious mindset, but I’m becoming more patient with myself and realising that’s all part and parcel of the twists and turns.

    Hi Evelyn,

    Over the last couple of weeks, since I’ve put more attention on my intentions and become more aligned, I am indeed attracting a wealth of resources to help me further improve my alignment (including your post). It’s so wonderful to experience and I’m always amazed and at the same time not at all surprised. It’s like, “of course this is happening” at the same time as “wow, this is happening!” I love it! :-)

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