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A new source of income

Well, I have been getting more aligned with the prosperity mindset recently :-)  And it hasn’t all been about thinking and feeling my way either.  I’ve also taken some action!

One of the things I’ve done is to (after months of ‘meaning to get to it’) finalise my approval as Ayurvedic Products Network consultant with the Chopra Centre.  What this means is that visitors to my blog are offered links to the Chopra Centre store, and when they become first time customers through following my links I receive commission on their order.  Oh joy – thank you Universe!  :-)

But it’s not all about me!  The Chopra Centre will also provide free shipping – within the US – on reader’s first order.  Well, every little helps ;-)  And the products are good!

The store offers a huge range of products to help with your wellbeing on every level: physical, mental and spiritual.  From herbal supplements to teas, candles, books, spices, clothing, massage oils, jewellery, music, videos and lots more - there is a wealth of products available.

So, if you’re interested in holistic products why not check out the store hereAnd please use the code AC1003842 when completing your order.

And if you’re thinking “ayurvedic what?”, then click here for information on ayurveda - the science of life!

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