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I’ve been distracted!

I haven’t really been living out loud lately. If you take away my Thoughts for the Week, it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted. I’ve been very busy off-line and my time online doesn’t afford me the opportunity to read other blogs. And as they’re my main inspiration for writing, that’s kinda dried up as well.

I do hate that I’m not posting regularly, but I’m likely to be just as distracted for at least the next five weeks. So, I’ve decided to try and post at least once a week on what’s distracting me! (as I’m still not likely to have time reading other blogs or following twitter)

They’ll probably be short posts and here goes with the first one:

I’m doing a course in business appraisal and start-up (which I really should have done a number of years ago!). It’s full-time and evenings require further research into my idea for an online wellbeing resource. This day five weeks from now I have to submit a business plan. Right now, I don’t know if my findings will be strong enough to go seeking start-up finance, but I am enjoying the process and the learnings are valuable.

If you have five minutes and feel like helping me out, you could fill out my survey – and you might even win an Amazon gift voucher for your trouble. The survey is available here.

And now I have to go check out the results on it so far… Well, I did say these posts would be short! But hopefully they’ll be more frequent ;-)

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6 comments on “I’ve been distracted!
  1. Sabine says:

    Where can I sent my SURVEY RAFFLE entry (I could not find your mailadres)

  2. Lance says:

    And it’s you…living YOUR life right now. That’s what is important. And I can really feel this wellbeing resource is very meaningful to you. Know that I’m sending good vibes your way, dear friend…

  3. Hilda says:

    Oops, thanks for pointing that out Sabine, I’ll fix that on the survey right now. And I’ve entered you in the draw now, so don’t worry about it ;-)

    Hi Lance,
    Thanks so much! It does mean alot to me, I just need to see do people want to avail of it as much as I want to provide it!

  4. have you been distracted or just living a bend on the path of your journey?

    The resource sounds like a great idea Hilda and working on your course will pay dividends in due course when it all starts to come together. :)

  5. Hilda says:

    Hi Beverley,

    A bend in the path is a good way of putting it ;-) And sure, if the road were straight, it would also be a little dull!

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