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Change your life by raising your vibration

One of my recent off-line distractions was preparing and delivering a talk at the inauguaral Ignite the West event.  Ignite is a social networking organisation which is spreading across the globe.  It welcomes people to speak for five minutes on any topic they wish.  The catch is that they must provide [exactly] 20 powerpoint slides to the organisers in advance.  These slides are auto-advanced every 15 seconds, and so the speaker has to keep up with their own slides!  So, they must be as concise as possible – no time for waffle ;-)

I rose to the challenge a few weeks ago.  It was very scary, but I’m delighted I did it, and I’m going to go back for more!!

PS, it wasn’t all about meditation – that was in fact just one slide!

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One comment on “Change your life by raising your vibration
  1. thanks for putting this up Hilda. Seeing as I didnt make it to the ignite event I am glad I saw your piece :)

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