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There is only one kind of love!

love google images for reusePeople think there are all kinds of love: romantic love, familial love, platonic love.  But I disagree.  I think there is only one kind of love, and that is Unconditional.

If love isn’t unconditional, then it isn’t really love.  It’s something else.  Probably attachment.

Love doesn’t require others—whatever their relationship to us—to act in any particular way.  It is complete acceptance of the self or another as they are.  It doesn’t mean we have to tolerate being treated disrespectfully—that would negate self-love.  But we can still love somebody while refusing to tolerate their poor behaviour.  If however, we find ourselves withdrawing our “love” because somebody is not behaving as we wish, then we don’t really love that person.

Fear is what keeps us from true, unconditional love.  Fear makes us attach conditions to love.  And fear is the opposite of love.  When we allow our fear to take over, we block the flow of the energy of love—both giving and receiving.

So, what to do? Simply this: notice when fear arises, and choose to release it. Choose to embrace love instead. Use the words: “I recognise fear and I choose love instead”. Allow an inner shift to take place within you.

Over and over, whenever it happens.

And be patient with the process. We have a lifetime of fear and attachments to let go of. Part of loving ourselves—unconditionally—is accepting that old patterns will continually resurface. But with commitment and dedication to the path of love, we can gradually become kinder towards ourselves and towards our “loved ones”.

We can allow ourselves to truly love, unconditionally.


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