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Dance like no-one is watching

Some people have a natural rhythm and some people don’t.  But dancing is meant to be a joyous activity, and a natural talent for it is not even relevant.  The joy comes from simply feeling the music and moving with it.  It comes from truly being in the flow.  And that requires completely shutting out what other people might think of your moves, whether you believe in your own natural rhythm or not.

It’s easy to dance like no-one is watching when you know that no-one is.  But in the company of others, most people feel inhibited about really letting themselves go.  In Ireland at any rate, a few drinks are often required before most people will hit the dancefloor.

And yet most people smile at the wisdom of that line when they come across it: Dance like no-one is watching.  Because there is a part of us that recognises the joy that comes from really letting ourselves go and just being in the moment without a care for what others think of our behaviour. 

As children we probably felt that joy frequently.  But as we grew up and became socialised into the norms of our cultures, we also began to edit our words and our deeds.  We learned to align our behaviour with what was considered acceptable to others.  We learned to seek external approval and validation for our way of being in the world.

We do this to protect ourselves.  We all want to be liked, and to enjoy the companionship of others.  We believe, because of how we have been socialised, that in order to have this connection with others we need to fit in with their expectations around how we should behave.

But the trouble is, when we connect with people from this perspective, we’re not showing them who we truly are.  We’re showing them who we think they’d like us to be.  And consequently our connections are fragile and might not survive the challenges life throws at us.

To build really strong connections with others, we need to be authentic in our relationships.  That means, we need to express our true selves.  We need to stop editing our words and our deeds in order to appear “normal” or “nice” or “kind” or whatever else we think we need to be.  We need to align our words and deeds with who we really are. 

“What other people think of you is none of your business.” ~ Wayne Dyer

Portray an honest image of yourself to the world.  Stop caring so much what others think of you.  Be true to yourself and you will draw to you people who are aligned with your personal values.  You will form strong and authentic connections with genuinely like-minded people.

Dance like no-one is watching, and those who are watching will be filled with admiration for your courage to be yourself.

And they might also be inspired to join in the dance themselves ;-)

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2 comments on “Dance like no-one is watching
  1. Lance says:

    I *LOVE* this!! All of it!!

    Life is about shining our true colors, not about complying to some unwritten rule that says we have to fit in with everyone else around us.

    …and it’s a work in progress for me…

    (perhaps a visit to an Irish pub would do the trick) (ha!!).

    And the video – wow!! It just shines to “dancing our own dance”!!! What a great example of that!!

  2. Hilda says:

    It’s a work in progress for me too Lance, and I visit plenty of Irish pubs! They don’t all encourage dancing though ;-)

    As for Bridget, isn’t she amazing! She lives in the same small town as me. I have to meet her yet, but that’s just a matter of time, and I’m so looking forward to it.

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