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Reawaken the power of intention

By Deepak Chopra

We have all experienced how even a small shift in consciousness can move us from feeling stuck, uninspired, or stressed to enticing discoveries of new possibilities, deeper peace, and happiness. One minute we’re filled with anxiety about an unexpected expense, and in the next instant the kind words of a friend or a loving gesture envelops us in a sudden sense of well-being.

What changed? We still have a bill to pay, but our awareness has shifted to the present moment, which is the only place where we can experience love, fulfillment, and infinite possibilities.

We often speak about awareness as though it were simple, but in fact awareness is complex and fluid. Some days you are open, clear, and receptive. Ideas flow easily and the universe seems to be conspiring in your favor. Then there are other days when you are more closed, dull, and conflicted. You keep running into obstacles, and you feel disconnected from the world and your own potential.

For most people, these fluctuations are simply a given. They speak of having good days and bad days as though life is something that was happening to them rather than something they are co-creating.

Opening to SynchroDestiny

What if instead of letting external events and conditioned thought-patterns dictate your mood, energy levels, success, and creativity, you were able to expand your awareness to a level that would allow you to recognize and take full advantage of all the miracles, synchronicities, and opportunities that are always unfolding around you?

This is the state I refer to as SynchroDestiny . . . knowing that our lives are inextricably connected in every moment to universal field of intelligence that orchestrates the entire dance of creation on every level – from the farthest reaches of the cosmos to the daily events of our lives. The universe is constantly sending us clues and synchronistic events that guide us experience our highest purpose and fulfillment in life.

SynchroDestiny is more than “just” awareness, however – it is also about actively using our attention and intention to bring the process to fruition. Attention energises, and intention transforms. Whatever you give your attention to will grow stronger in your life, while whatever you take your attention away from will wither and disintegrate in your consciousness. Intention, on the other hand, sparks the transformation of energy and information. Like a seed dropped into fertile soil, it contains the mechanics for its own fulfillment.

Master the Art of Intention

How can you become the fertile soil for the seed of consciousness? The answer lies in finding ways to shift your allegiance from the outer world to the inner world. Your individual path will be unique, but I have found that people who are most successful at manifesting their intentions with effortless ease share the following qualities:

  1. They are not attached to the past of how things should turn out.
  2. They adapt quickly to errors and mistakes.
  3. They have good antennae and are alert to tiny signals.
  4. They have a good connection between mind and body.
  5. They have no trouble embracing uncertainty and ambiguity. They remain patient about the outcome to their desires, trusting the universe to bring results.
  6.  They make karmic connections and are able to see the meaning in chance events.

The essence of SynchroDestiny is finding a way to absorb the realization that all the events, messages, and curious “coincidences” coming into your life are actually coming from you. These are clues from God or spirit or universal intelligence urging you to break out of your karmic conditioning, your familiar patterns of thinking.

Higher consciousness is seeking you out, asking you to pay attention. It is telling you that you are more than you supposed yourself to be. In reality, you are the wholeness of awareness, and the division between inner and outer is completely artificial. Once you entertain this notion, you can begin to follow the clues being left for you all the time. These clues lead inward, which is where you must go to find your answers.

Intention will provide you opportunities, but you still need to act when the opportunity is provided. Whenever you take action, have the attitude that you are not performing the action but that your actions are really those of a universal organizing power. As you do this, you will notice a great decrease in stress, you will be less attached to the result, and you will begin to have more and more experiences of the spontaneous fulfillment of desire in the field of infinite possibilities.

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