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Have a Full Moon clear out

I usually post in Spring-time about decluttering.  But this Spring I was suffering from writer’s block.  I’ve had writers block for months and months now…  But this week I started decluttering, and I’ve been letting go of all sorts of things at all sorts of levels, and with a bit of luck that might also include my writer’s block :-)

I’ve known about the power of decluttering for a long time.  During my cynical and sceptical days (all of my life up to eight years ago), I would have dismissed it all as stuff and nonsense.  In those days I dismissed anything that I couldn’t wrap my head around logically as stuff and nonsense.  I was also a hoarder, afraid to let go of anything that I might want or need at some future time.  And I lived surrounded by clutter.  But trying different things, and experiencing mind-boggling results, has opened my mind.  And now I approach life with a more open attitude.

But I am digressing from my main point….

Depending on where you live, tonight/tomorrow morning is the Full Moon.  And the Full Moon can be very cathartic in letting go of what no longer serves you, if you set a clear intention to do so.  This makes it a powerful time to declutter.

When you change your inner world it impacts on your outer world.  And the reverse is also true.  Although we live under the illusion that all things are separate, at the energetic level we are all inter-connected beings, and we are equally connected to the space around us.  The more freely energy can circulate in the space you inhabit, the more freely energy will circulate in every area of your life.  

Of course, it’s much easier to cynically dismiss this concept as a load of rubbish than to actually give it a go and see what happens.  But, if you’re feeling stuck in some area of your life, by clearing up your physical environment you can give yourself the mental, spiritual or emotional boost you need to get unstuck and get going again.  You can hold onto your scepticism while you experiment…. judge by the results rather than pre-judge and miss out on the benefits!

For the last two days I have been having a clear out.  Nothing at all to do with the Full Moon, mind you.  A couple of different physical blockages re-awakened my awareness that I am blocking the flow of wellbeing in certain areas of my life.  This wasn’t news to me – but thinking about these “reality-based” physical blockages prompted me to ask the question before meditation: “How can I clear the blockages at the metaphysical level?”.

And lo and behold, it dawned on me that I have way too much stuff in the house and that it’s time to let go of alot of it.  And so I started to declutter.  Why it took me so long to get this message,  I don’t know.  But no matter, I’ve started decluttering and I’m letting go mentally as well as physically.

I’m now willing to sell my kayaks, that I’ve known for a while I would probably never use again, but didn’t yet feel ready to get rid of.  And I’m willing to let my mother have that armchair she’s had her eye on for the last few years.  I don’t need an armchair in my bedroom – I never sit in it, but Ido allow a week’s load of clothes to pile up on it….

And that rug that sheds red fibres that I then have to hoover up (and I hate hoovering!).  That’s going too…  And the nice little 70′s record cupboard.  I do still like it, but I don’t need it….

Today it is beyond me why I’ve felt the need to hold onto these items for the last few years.  When I sold my house (six years ago this month) I promised myself I would no longer accumulate possessions that I didn’t need or love.  And I sold or gave away alot of stuff at that time.  But there were some bits and pieces that I felt curiously attached to still.  And now it’s so freeing to not feel the need to hang onto these any longer.

The last time I was in this space – after a two-week-long declutter – I “let go” of my house.  Without having considered whether I would sell it or not, I woke up one morning and the decision was already made.  Seriously, my first thought that morning was: “I’ll sell my house”.  This came as a surprise to me, and I expected it to go away.  But it didn’t, it stayed with me and I did sell up.  That was one of the best moves – and probably the most perfectly timed move – of my life. (I’d dearly love to know if the night before was a Full Moon….. )

And while I generally do declutter at least once a year now, it wouldn’t usually compare with this one.  This time I’m happy to shed things that didn’t even cross the radar before, and so it does feel like a biggie.  On a practical level, I’m hoping it’ll help me attract the perfect housemate.

At least, I’m making more space in the house for another person to comfortably move in.  And if I don’t attract the perfect person to share where I am, then I will have to move.  But at least that won’t be as difficult a prospect now - I won’t need as much space as before!! ;-)  (Of course, if I were willing to let go of my cat, it would be even easier still…. but I draw the line at that!)

I’m also hoping to attract some corporate clients, and have plenty of daytime teaching lined up from September, rather than be relying solely on evening classes that really only work in line with the school terms.  Plus, it would be really nice to finally finish my book . . . .

But I’ve been working in a room surrounded with files and files of paper that I’ve avoided sorting through for several years now.  And undone tasks are mental clutter and they drain our energy.  I’ve actually been more productive when I’ve worked from my laptop on the living room sofa than when I sit in this room that I’ve designated my work zone.  (Hmm, an interesting idea arising as I type . . . )

Emptying out just one cupboard has freed up space, not just in the room, but also in my head.  I feel lighter and my head feels clearer! 

And since I’ve been decluttering I’ve had another person come check out the house (ok, it didn’t work out, but it’s a step in the right direction), I’ve written this post (long and rambling, I grant you, but I’m a little out of practice!) and I’ve checked out the submissions process on O Books website.  Baby steps, but it’s only been two days.  And I’m not done with the decluttering yet….

So, my challenge to you is to join me!  If you feel a bit stuck somewhere in your life, then this evening is a great time to set the intention to clear out the blockage at the metaphysical level. 

And to demonstrate to the Universe how serious you are about it, get stuck in and do some physical clearing yourself.  Choose some area of your living space that is a bit stuffed up and declutter it.  The rule is: Love it, Use it, or Lose it!

Let me know if it brings about some changes in your life…..

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