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Say F*** It to the January Blues

Got the January Blues? Cheer up – here’s a few reasons to like January:

  1. Clean slate – fresh start. Well it’s the beginning of course. And beginnings are full of promise and potential. Energetically, many people use this time to close the door on what they no longer want and look towards what they do want.  This is the essence of what New Year Resolutions are about.  But use this time of year to go a bit deeper than simply deciding to lose weight or get fit.  Get to the core of what it is you truly want for yourself and focus on that. ( With that kind of approach losing weight/getting fit etc is often a welcome by-product ;-) )

  3. Lots of time to accomplish your goals.  Twelve whole months lie before you.  Of course [assuming you survive the whole year ;-)] alot more than twelve months await you, but there’s something about the start of the year that makes it feel like time is stretching ahead.  Once January is over though, the year slips away really quickly and we start to lose that sense of still having plenty of time….   Of course, you can stop and take stock at any time of the year, and recommit to what it is that you want to achieve.  But January tends to be a quiet month for a lot of people.  So why not use this time  to get a head start on the important things you want to achieve.  Get some momentum going now and it’ll be easier to keep it up throughout the year.

  5. Back to basics.  This might not apply to the extremely wealthy, but taking them out of the equation, most people are relatively impoverished in January compared to the rest of the year.  With no money to spend on frivolity, we have to get through the month very much cutting our cloth according to our measure.  This is the perfect time to get in touch with what we really need, and get clear on where we spend money unnecessarily.  A materialistic lifestyle isn’t the solution to inner discontent.  Use this month to pare things back and simplify your life.  Focus on what really matters, and you’ll achieve a much deeper and lasting sense of happiness than the latest iphone can deliver.

  7. The days are getting longer. And Summer is coming! :-) (Ok, that only applies in the Northern Hemisphere. But in the South – Summer and long days are already here to be enjoyed!)

  9. Positive energy.  Yes, there is absolutely positive energy around to be tapped into.  You just need to avoid the grouches and tune into the glass-half-fullers.  If you’re not naturally inclined to feel positive around this time of the year, there are some simple things you can do to harness some positive energy for yourself:

• Declutter – clearing out your physical space has a magical effect on your mental and emotional energy too.  Sceptical?  The only way to know for sure is to try it for yourself….
• Exercise – enough said.  You all know the score on that one.
Learn to meditate!! (Well now, of course I’m going to promote this one ;-) )


And if you still need some help saying F*** It to the January Blues (or anything else for that matter!), try reading John C Parkin’s book on the subject:

F**k It: The Ultimate Spiritual Way


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One comment on “Say F*** It to the January Blues
  1. So true Hilda about us having the whole twelve months to do things for 2013. I think we often forget that and if we flag a bit in the first few weeks we think it’s all over for th year.

    Taking the long approach is good, being good and kind to yourself is the way to go :)

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