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2013: Breakthrough Year

A couple of years ago I came across, and adopted, an idea around setting a one word intention for the year, instead of drawing up a list of resolutions.  For 2013 I chose the word Breakthrough.

It was like an Aha! moment when the word popped into my head, and I didn’t actually give it much thought.  I didn’t feel I needed to – it just felt really good.  And besides, I kind of knew what it meant….

Things like:

• Finally finishing and publishing my book on happiness tips

• Actually earning a proper, sustainable living from teaching meditation

• Clearing my debts and building financial reserves

That kind of thing….basically the realisation of my current goals.  Instead of the non-realisation, which is more usually the case!

But in a group coaching session a couple of weeks ago I was asked to explain what exactly Breakthrough would mean to me.  And in a flash I knew it was something deeper than what I’d originally had in mind, and I would need to flesh out the concept in more detail.  I was challenged to write about it, so here goes….

I suppose, what it would actually mean is that I would be different and do things differently.  That list of goals up there will change – what we want in our lives is constantly in flux.  But without some kind of breakthrough, what will not change is the probability that I will not manifest those desires!  Instead, I will procrastinate on taking action, and then abandon rather than finish many of the projects I start on.

Because that’s a pattern of mine: starting lots of things but only finishing a fraction of them.  This year, if a breakthrough is to occur, I will need to be much more focussed with my attention.  This means I cannot allow myself the luxury of being distracted from one project by the lure of something newer and shinier.

So, the first thing I will do differently is: I will start fewer projects.

The second thing (hopefully aided by the first) is: I will procrastinate less and take action more.

And the third thing I will do (a linear progression going on here): I will finish what I start.

I have been writing that book since 2008.  There is no good reason why it hasn’t long since been finished and published.  The only reason it hasn’t is this: PROCRASTINATION.  So, while finishing and publishing it remains a goal, the breakthrough that needs to happen is TO STOP PROCRASTINATING!!!

Easier said than done, but this has to be the year that I kick that one!

And how will I stop that?  By starting to believe (and here is where the being bit needs to change) that I am good enough!  Believe that I’m good enough to write a book on happiness.  Believe that I’m good enough to be a leading online meditation teacher.  Believe that I’m good enough to do whatever it is I want to do….  I need to reassert authority over my inner critic! Right there, that is probably the biggest challenge I’m facing this year.  But that is also the key to my breakthrough.  In fact, that will be the breakthrough.

Wish me luck!

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6 comments on “2013: Breakthrough Year
  1. Hi Hilda

    Thanks for sharing this brave writing and the deep thinking and realisations behind it.

    A few years back I had one of those 1-2-1 sessions with a guru, you know how you do!? I have forgotten who he was (he was a he, I remember that) but I will never forget his advice.

    I told him that I had noticed that the closer I got to my goals/dreams/intentions/visions it seemed that I didn’t want them quite so much any more and was inclined to create new ones.

    He said to go ahead and complete on them anyway and, in so doing, to turn myself from a starter into a completer/finisher and to create some new neural pathways and see myself in a new light.

    What fantastic advice for us starters – eh?

    There is no doubt in mind that you are more than good enough and capable of achieving all you set your mind and heart to. I know that’s not quite the same thing as believing that 100% yourself but there’s nothing quite like finishing the book and creating that online meditation resource, and a sustainable living to boot, to make that manifest.

    This blog post is only the beginning… rock on, Hilda!


  2. This is an inspirational definition of “breakthrough” and throught your personal explanations and context your words are cleared and focused. I admire you for being so determined to change and will draw energy from your words to make my year of “creation” also a “percée” by finishing my projects! Meilleurs voeux pour tos vos projets!

  3. Lance says:

    You ARE good enough!! And that’s awesome that you have put this “out there”. I believe that just makes it that much more.

    And however everything unfolds…know that I believe in you, and in all the amazing good you bring (and will continue to bring) to this world…

  4. Hilda says:

    Thanks Judith – I could do with creating those neural pathways! ;-)

  5. Hilda says:

    Merci Nadine, for the inspiration to write this and figure it all out, as well as your kind words! :-)

  6. Hilda says:

    Lance, you are SOoo sweet! Good to hear from you, and thank you!

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