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Stress Busting – the easy way!

Stress is the scourge of the busy modern life.  And most people are looking for an easy solution.  There are a myriad of options out there, but to my mind the easy solutions fall into two categories:

1) Medication – the path of the masses (all too easy, but not without detrimental side-effects)

2) Meditation – the alternative route that is becoming more mainstream (requires a bigger time commitment than medication, but with only positive side-effects)

Of course, there are lots of other stress management techniques out there.  BUT, meditation is the ultimate solution to stress AND it is the simplest, yet most profound, self-care activity you can undertake.

Why?  Because when you meditate your self-awareness improves dramatically.  You start to notice what is good for you and what is not.  And you become motivated to take appropriate steps to improve your wellbeing – instead of just thinking/talking about it.

And that’s just for starters.

It also improves sleep patterns, lowers blood pressure, strengthens immunity and improves the symptoms of many chronic illnesses.  AND it starts to transform your experience of stress entirely – essentially lowering your experience of it, leading to a more peaceful existence.

How does this happen?  Does it matter??  Do you need to know how electricity works in order to flick a switch and benefit from the light?

If you really want to know the science bit, a quick google search will provide you with mind-boggling results.  Medical science endorses this ancient spiritual practice.  It simply works!  It’s a little bit magic, but it’s not entirely so.  Because you won’t magically benefit from it unless you practice it!!

But the great news is, it is really, really simple to do.  I promise you!  No matter what you’ve heard (or maybe even experienced).

In my opinion, the main reason people think meditation doesn’t work for them is because they’re learning from a book or online resource that doesn’t offer one-to-one interaction with a teacher.  There are two key things to learn:

1) how to practice a meditation technique (of which there are many)

2) not to judge your experience

Once you know how (and that takes just minutes to learn), the judgements are what you need to master.  I believe that interaction with a teacher helps people to accept their practice instead of criticising it.  And when they can do that, they stick with it.  And when they stick with it, their lives slowly start to change.

If you’d like to experience how easy it is for yourself, I have an unbeatable offer for you (which came to me during meditation this evening)…

I will teach you, via Skype, and you decide how much you pay (if at all).  If you’re looking for a catch, here it is ~

You have to pre-register (so I can add you to a Skype group) to attend at one of these sessions, on offer this month:

Fri 8th @ 10am         Mon 11th @ 10am       Fri 15th @ 10am       Mon 18th @ 10am

Fri 22nd @ 11.30am    Mon 25th @ 11.30am

And the exchange?  If you enjoy the class

  • a testimonial would be very much appreciated
  • and/or you can donate an amount of your choosing via paypal
  • and/or you can just take the class and run.

It’s entirely up to you.

Skype recommends a maximum of 5 per group for quality reasons, so the maximum number of participants per group will be four.  Each session will last between 45 and 60 minutes.

To book, or just enquire, contact me here.

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