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Aligning with prosperity

We all want stuff! Be it health, wealth, relationships, houses, cars, fabulous holidays…. the list is potentially endless. We want what we want, and generally we want it now! It doesn’t matter what your desires are – the way to see them manifest into physical reality is to be energetically aligned with whatever it is that you want.

Everything in your life is a form of energy – people, things and experiences. And the people, things and experiences you attract will reflect your own energy. What that means essentially, is that your beliefs, thoughts, words, feelings and deeds (all energy) create the circumstances of your life.

That’s the theory anyway, and to be perfectly honest it’s a theory I do subscribe to. So, why isn’t my life perfect? Why don’t I easily and effortlessly manifest whatever I want whenever I want it? Why, indeed!

Because, in short, my alignment sucks! And maybe yours does too…

Alignment means that your energy must be a vibrational match to the things or experiences you want.  Because, on the invisible engergetic plane of life, like attracts like.  So, to attract positive experiences you need to be thinking positive thoughts and feeling positive feelings.  If your attention is focussed on the negative, then that’s what you’re aligned with, and that’s what you’re going to see all around you.

So, when it comes to prosperity, what does a lack of alignment look like?

  • Thinking about what you don’t want to/are worried might happen
  • Paying more attention to your inner critic than your inner go-getter
  • Not believing you are capable of achieving more than you have ever achieved before (allowing your past to dictate your present and future)
  • Not believing you are worthy of what you want
  • Trying to logically figure everything out instead of opening up to inspiration and unexpected opportunities
  • Generally lacking faith, not trusting in miracles

It happens to me fairly regularly I’m afraid, this lack of alignment.  Old habits die hard, and I haven’t fully ousted all my subconscious limiting beliefs.  So every now and again I have a little slip, and like a rolling snowball the poverty consciousness starts to expand.

So, what to do about it – now I’ve recognised the problem?  Actively resume prosperity-consciousness-supporting practices with gusto!  So that can snowball and expand instead….

If you’re new to this concept, or need a reminder yourself, here’s the steps to getting your mindset in shape:

  • Get a gratititude attitude going on – gratitude raises your consciousness to a higher level.  And what you put your attention on expands in your life.  By putting your attention on ALL the things you have to be grateful for, you start to notice more and more blessings, and in doing so you will feel prosperous.
  • Get clear on what it is you’re really after – the essence of what it is you desire.  As Marianne Williamson discusses in the book I’m recommending this month, there is a difference between form and content.  A reliable car is form.  A brand new red Fiat 500 is content.  A loving relationship is form.  George Clooney is content…. you get the idea! ;-)
  • Detach from the outcome – a biggie for me!  Mike Dooley (author of Thoughts from the Universe) tells us to forget about “the cursed how’s”.  When you focus your attention on trying to figure out how to make something happen there is a tendency to become tunnel-visioned, which in turn blocks your creativity and openness to finding alternative routes.  Decide what you want and then trust that it will materialise in the perfect way at the perfect time, even if right now you haven’t a notion of how that might happen.
  • Take inspired action.  Florence Scovel Shinn called it “digging your ditches” (because you know it’s going to rain) and more modern day teachers call it “acting as if”.   Ask yourself, if I were already living a prosperous life what would I be doing differently? And then go do that, in so far as you can!  This means, start planning your dream holiday itinerary – you don’t have to book your flight instead of paying your rent, but you can research where you’d like to visit, places you want to stay, activities you’d like to pursue while you’re there.  Or go to a swanky hotel and sit there soaking up the vibes of the rich and famous – again, no need to order a three course meal, but you can sit in the lobby and enjoy a coffee and the atmosphere.  One of the actions you should always take is to give what you want to receive.  Again, give in form rather than content.

“If you want joy, give joy to others; if you want love, learn to give love; if you want attention and appreciation, learn to give attention and appreciation; if you want material afflucence, help others to become materially affluent.” ~ Deepak Chopra

  • Delightfully anticipate experiencing a more prosperous way of life in the near future.  This is usually the bit I mess up!  Typically, after getting clear on what I want and what I can do to help it materialise, the energy I hold around it is one of hoping that it will soon arrive.  And this is kinda not good enough!  There is a significant difference in the energy of hoping and the energy of anticipation.  Anticipation is faith.  It’s like ordering a book on Amazon and patiently waiting for its arrival – you know it’s coming!  Hoping is like checking your lotto numbers – there is a chance you might be a winner, but you probably won’t be.  Anticipation increases likelihood and improves your chanches.  Hoping doesn’t help very much at all.

So, there they are – simple steps to align your energy with what you want to be experiecing in life.  It’s been helpful for me to write them out – a necessary reminder of what I need to be doing to get my prosperity consciousness rocking.  I hope it’s been helpful for you too!

Happy Friday.  I’m off now to actively and joyfully anticipate delightful windfalls coming my way…. :-)



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