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Making my heart sing

I have decided to do this.  More consciously.  More often.  Every day, in fact.

Why?  Because lately my heart has been whining more than singing.  I’ve been very focussed on all that is not right in my life.  Because there really is so much I’d like to be different.  But I also know, in my heart of hearts (ahem), that outer circumstances do not determine our happiness.

My god, I’ve written about it ad nauseum here (in the days when I wrote more prolifically).  Preached about it in fact!!  But I’ve lost sight of that truth lately.  (Maybe I should get back to writing about it – they do say we teach that which we most need to learn!)

And my vibration has dropped as I’ve been focussing on the “I wish…” es.  I want to get the singing heart vibration back.  And my number one way to do that? No, it’s not meditation (surprise, surprise!).  I meditate every day (almost), come rain or shine (nearly), but that’s not really enough to raise the vibration of a natural-born-pessimist-turned-learned-optimist like me.

No siree!  When I start letting outer circumstances dictate my inner state of being, I need to do something far more energising than sitting in silence to remind me that joy is available to me in every moment.

My prescription to self?  To sing and dance!  I haven’t a note in my head, and my cat pouts (and often looks to go out) when I sing, but it sure as hell brings me back into the moment.  The here and now, which I so often preached about, that is all we ever have.

So, before I leave the house in the morning, for the rest of this month (I know me, if I declare an ongoing intention for myself, it will begin to feel like a “should” and I always actively resist “shoulds”, so I’m going to make it a short-term commitment, but still long enough to be habit-forming if I feel so inclined), I’m going to play music loudly and dance around the living room.  Well, that’s the intention anyway… ask me in a few days if I’m sticking to it!

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