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Staying Mindful Through the Christmas Madness

Santa dogSilly season is upon us: Christmas and New Year parties, obligatory gift shopping, stress and general mayhem.

I’m not the biggest fan of Christmas or New Year. Can you tell?

To me, it’s more about rampant consumerism and forced togetherness (as opposed to true connectivity) as we burn ourselves out mentally, physically, spiritually and financially while trying to live up to society’s idea of what “happy holidays” are supposed to look like.

Don’t get me wrong—I’m not an out and out bah-humbug. I recognize that many people genuinely love this time of year, and more power to them.

I don’t begrudge their Christmas cheer and I do actually engage in it myself—to a degree.

But overall I like the year’s end to be a time of renewal. Soul renewal mostly. And in order for that to happen, I have to find a balance between the partying and spending, and the simply being. And if I didn’t prioritise the soul-renewing stuff, I’d be like an anti-Christ—not an appropriate mood for celebrating his birth!

Because, although the party season can be a whole lot of fun, it can also be depleting—on many levels. To guard against that, I usually make a concerted effort to take time out of the madness. Quite a bit of time! So, what I do like about this time of year is that it encourages me to be more mindful about bringing mindfulness into my day to day activities.

And the beauty of mindfulness is that we don’t need to carve more time out of our already hectic schedules in order to fit it in.

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