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The Secret to Success with Meditation.


Meditation is a process of quieting the mind.

But—for most people—the mind will not be perfectly still during meditation. In fact—for most people—the mind will be quite active throughout.

There will be moments of stillness and those moments are of the utmost importance. During those moments healing takes place—on the physical, mental and emotional levels. And during those moments we also strengthen our connection with our highest, truest self.

However, we cannot be aware of those moments. For to be aware of them is to be thinking. We may have blissful feelings that give us an inkling of the experience of stillness and we may have none of these inklings.

It doesn’t matter—we need to trust in the process and continue to practice even if our experience isn’t matching our expectation.

The number one reason why people give up meditating is because they think they are having too many thoughts. And they interpret that experience to mean one of two things: either they’re not doing it right, or it’s not working.

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