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Meditation Demystified: Guide for Skeptics.

Although I’m a certified meditation teacher, I grew up a skeptic and I understand where the skeptics are coming from.

But what I love about meditation is that it’s something even skeptics can embrace the practice. Meditation has science standing squarely behind it, pointing to the many real benefits that can be attained from the practice—the challenge is not in persuading people that it works, but more to get busy, stressed people to give some of their precious time to trying it out.

My mission is to reach those who think they don’t have the time to meditate—the stay at home moms who are never off-duty, the workaholic executives, the shift workers whose body clocks have to constantly readjust to changing routines, the full-time workers who are also full-time parents, those working two jobs to make ends meet—and help them develop a daily meditation habit despite their crazy schedules.

Because the truth is, even five minutes a day can make a difference to our wellbeing. Every meditation counts and regular practice is more important than long sessions.

I’ve been intending to create an infographic to help with this, but my efforts to date have frustrated me. Not being a graphic designer, I struggled to create what I wanted using online templates. So, when I came across this one my heart did a little dance with joy.

Created by fellow skeptic and award-winning journalist Dan Harris, in association with Happify.com this infographic is a perfect guide for those who are new to the practice.

If you’ve been thinking about it, but resisting for some reason, then I recommend you check this out:


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