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The Best Antidote to Procrastination, Ever.


I read once that procrastination stems from low self-confidence.

We put off doing something because we don’t feel good enough to share it with the world—we tell ourselves and the world that we’re just not ready yet. We offer explanations to those encouraging us like, “I need to do this first and then I’ll be ready,”  but really, they’re excuses.

Procrastination is a curse that holds us back and keeps us stuck. It’s just a fancy word for fear.

But the truth is, we’ll never really be ready for the big, scary stuff.

We just learn to deal with it when we’re in the midst of it. The solution to procrastination is not more preparation—it’s courage.

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” ~ Anais Nin

We need to cut ourselves some slack and be willing to show our imperfection to the world. We don’t have to be recognised experts in our field to offer the same services that the experts do. We can offer our services in our own unique way.

Seeking perfection can cause us to procrastinate for weeks, months or even years, all in the name of getting our ducks in row. But if you’ve ever watched a row of ducks crossing the road, you may have noticed how that row comes together: mother duck steps out and all her ducklings line up behind her.

Only once we start will everything fall into place. But the more we prepare, the more things we uncover that need to be prepared. Left unchecked, it could go on forever. For us procrastinators, it often does…

But I’ve recently discovered a simple way to overcome this crippling anxiety:

Take a deep breath,

Say “F*ck it!” on the exhale,

And start before you’re ready.

I did this last month with a project I’ve been procrastinating over since January. I was hoping to run it in April, but April came and went and I was still making plans and not taking action. Then in May, I had an epiphany and I decided, ready or not, to just pick a start date. I announced to the world that I was going to start on the summer solstice and now, by hook or by crook, I need to have everything ready to rock by kick-off date. Yikes!

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