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Meditation for Beginners: the Secret to Success.

So here’s the deal with meditation: it’s widely proven to be an effective means of managing stress and improving physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. BUT, in order to experience these benefits in any meaningful way, it needs to be a habitual practice.

And by that, I mean, more or less a daily practice. If you miss a day here and there, it’s no big deal, but if you meditate once in a blue moon, the benefits you’ll experience will be very fleeting.

It’s much better to meditate for five minutes once a day than 30 minutes once a week. Every five minutes counts and the benefits accrue gradually. So tomorrow’s five minutes will build on today’s and after a few weeks of five minutes per day, you’ll begin to notice changes in your outlook, mood and how you experience different situations.

The true and lasting benefits come from the habit.

So, it’s not really enough to learn to meditate but only practice it on an ad hoc basis. Meditation changes our lives when we integrate it into our day to day lives.

As a meditation teacher, I emphasise this need all the time. But, in practice, outside of weekly classes many people struggle to maintain a daily practice.

So, my newest course in meditation for beginners is different—in two ways:

1) It will be delivered on a daily basis over four weeks – that is, 28 consecutive days.
2) It will be delivered online.

Come Om with me small no urlThey say it takes 21 days to establish a new habit. So, 28 days gives us an extra bit of time to really bed it into your daily routine.

This course will cover a few different, simple meditations and a lot of tips to help you maintain a regular practice. It’s also designed in such a way that if you can only find five minutes twice a day, that will be sufficient to complete the course.

Of course, longer is recommended – if you can do that. But as I said, every little helps and five minutes will be plenty.

How it works:

Each day you will receive an email from me that contains three things:

1) A short video, in which I will either provide instruction in a meditation technique OR I will give a tip to help you integrate meditation into your daily routine.

2) Audio downloads – to assist you in practicing the meditation in your own time. There will be five, ten, fifteen and twenty minute versions of each audio.

3) A link to a webinar to join me in a 20 minute live online meditation at 7pm that evening.

There is no onus on you to join the evening meditations – that is a bonus, if the timing suits you.

Another bonus is the option to join a private Facebook group where people taking the course can interact with and support one another. I will post articles and other resources I come across that I think will be helpful and I’ll be keeping an eye on questions posted. If I spot queries coming up that aren’t already built into the 28 day curriculum, I’ll amend the content to include it.

Each video will be short – just a few minutes and each of the meditation techniques will be easy to practice.

And the price is super cheap! This online course is a pilot programme for me and because delivering it in this manner will be a learning curve, I’m keeping the price as low as possible. So, it’s only €27 for the 28 days – the equivalent of just $29.

I anticipate this being a once-off price – future versions of this course will likely be pricier, so if you’re tempted then don’t delay. We start on the summer solstice, June 21stclick here to subscribe now.

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