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Come “Om” With Me: Online Meditation Course.

Live Sept courseIn just under two weeks time, I’ll be kicking off my next live Come Om With Me meditation course. The pilot ran over June and July and I was very heartened by the responses, which you can read on this page.

Although I was encouraged to raise the price, I’ve decided to keep it at the great value rate of just €27 for the 28 day programme. This isn’t because I don’t value the content – I value it very much. But I do know that, despite all the reports of recovery, too many people are still feeling squeezed financially. And I don’t want affordability to be the reason why anyone wouldn’t join us on this journey. Besides that, the price feels good to me.

Run over 28 days, I’ve designed this course to be easily doable for extremely busy people. It’s also geared for complete beginners and all the practices will be simple. There’s 28 (short) videos and seven audios (although there’s several timed versions available for the four principle techniques, allowing you to be guided for whatever time you can afford on a day to day basis).

Twice a week I’ll also be leading a live group meditation online, via a webinar platform. Attendance is strictly optional, as is participation in a private Facebook group – but I do recommend both as they provide additional learning opportunities.

To get full details – and read testimonials from the summer programme – just follow this link.

I hope you’ll come Om with me.


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