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About Meditation

Meditation is an ancient technique that originated in the East as a spiritual practice, but has grown in popularity in the Western world in recent decades for stress management purposes.  It’s scientifically proven to be a  highly effective tool to increase levels of personal happiness and improve overall wellbeing on the physical, mental and emotional levels.  Once you know how, it is easy to practice and has a wide range of proven benefits, which include:

• Manage stress
• Reduce anxiety
• Enhance your sleep patterns
• Lower your blood pressure
• Improve symptoms associated with diabetes, heart disease & other serious illnesses
• Improve your relationships
• Create inner peace
• Awaken your intuition
• Become less judgmental
• Feel happier

On this site, you’ll find resources to help you learn a simple and effective mantra meditation technique.  It is comfortable to practice and can be quickly integrated into your daily routine, so that it becomes something you simply do every day (like washing and dressing).  Meditation does not have to be a discipline or feel like a chore.  And stress doesn’t have to play as big a role in your life as you think.

If you have tried meditation in the past, and found it difficult to stick with, don’t despair.  A simple shift in your expectations is probably all that is required to help you develop a personal practice that works for you.

The best way to learn about meditation is to just do it. If you’d like to book a lesson, please get in touch.


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