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Benefits of Meditation

People are drawn to meditation for different reasons as medition benefits us on multiple levels.  Some are after the spiritual benefits while others want to manage their stress levels and improve their health (mentally, physically and/or emotionally).  The beauty of meditation is that it doesn’t really matter what your motivation is – the benefits are holistic.  So, if you practice it regularly you will accrue the benefits on every level. (Whether you want to or not ;-) )

Studies into the benefits of meditation are ongoing, and continue to bear evidence to outstanding benefits:

• Manage stress
• Reduce anxiety
• Enhance your sleep patterns
• Lower your blood pressure
• Improve symptoms associated with diabetes, heart disease & other serious illnesses

• Improve your relationships
• Create inner peace
• Awaken your intuition
• Become less judgmental
• Feel happier
To sum it all up, meditation allows the body to undo the tole of stress hormones, AND it transforms your experience of stress altogether.  Consequently, people who practice meditation regularly report improvements in their health and happiness.

If you’d like to experience the benefits of meditation for yourself, why not check out my meditation class options.  I teach online (privately, or in groups) and also local group courses/private sessions in Co. Mayo (Ireland).

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