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Discover your Dream Job

A self-coaching programme to take you on a journey from not knowing what your right work is to having total clarity and the motivation to make it happen…

Discover your Dream Job ebook cover

Imagine what it would be like to wake up each morning excited and enthused about the day ahead – on Monday morning, Tuesday morning, Wednesday morning….

No matter what day of the week it is, you feel the same positive energy…

That’s what happens when you find work that makes your heart sing…

Discover YOUR Dream Job is a home-study course that helps to set you on the road to that scenario.

Where are you now?

Are you stuck in a 9 to 5 world of tedious, monotonous boredom?

Do you live for the weekend and get the Sunday night blues?

Or has the recession forced you to look at new career options, but you haven’t a clue where to

Would you like to discover your true passion in life, and put that knowledge to work in finding your ultimate dream job?

If you’re reading this, then you probably want more than a pay cheque from your job.  You want a deeper level of fulfilment.

You want something that is currently missing from our life.

What I have to offer you is an exploration programme to help you figure out exactly what it is that you need from a job in order to experience that fulfilment.  Because it’s different for everyone of us!

Embracing Monday mornings….

For a moment, imagine what it would feel like eagerly jumping out of bed in the mornings and doing work you absolutely love. Work that’s…

  • Aligned  with your personal values
  • Has  real and valuable meaning to you
  • Fully  engages both your personal and professional strengths
  • Puts  your favourite skills to good use
  • Effortlessly  motivates you to do the best you possibly can, and
  • Truly  reflects who you really are as a unique individual person

Wouldn’t this be something extraordinary?!

Positive Energy Equals A Positive Life

Most people spend almost half their waking lives at work, and some even longer than that! Wouldn’t you agree it’s essential you feel happy, content and fulfilled in the work you’re doing?

Doing work you love creates positive energy, energy that will be spilling over into the rest of your life – impacting your relationships with others as well as your physical, mental and emotional health.

The truly sad thing is that the majority of people on this earth simply go through life play-acting in professions they secretly loath. Even if the paycheques are huge, they come with a terrible price: an unfulfilled and wasted lifetime.

If you’re feeling dissatisfied, discontented or unfulfilled in your current career, this is a sure sign your values are out of balance with your true vocational calling.

But it doesn’t have to be this way, not any longer… because that’s where this eye-opening course comes to your rescue!

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” ~ Lao Tzu

The Discover Your Dream Job Programme

Prepare to unlock your full potential and unleash your hidden talents! The Dream Job ecourse is going to take you on a personal journey of self-discovery, and the end goal is to know what work will light you up inside.

3 Steps To Vocational Awareness

The Dream Job Course is constructed of three distinct phases – each one building upon the one before, interweaving the segments into a seamless path of discovery.

Phase 1 – The Exploration

What makes you tick? What sets your emotions on fire, what are your passions in life? Many people have never been truly confronted with these questions, but unearthing the answers is critical to understanding your true vocation in life. In this phase of self-discovery, you’ll explore and clarify your:

  • Work  preferences
  • Favoured  job skills
  • Ideal working environment
  • Perfect working day

But that’s not all!  You’ll also be taking a good hard look at your inner gremlins… those spiteful creatures of self-doubt just itching to hold you back from fulfilling your vocational destiny. (These gremlins can be rearing their nasty heads throughout the entire 3 step process, but I’ll show you how to keep them tethered and tamed!)

By the end of this phase, you’ll be focusedon the strongest, best version of yourself, and you’ll be clear about what you must have in your career in order to be fully satisfied and completely motivated.

Phase 2 – The Dream

This second phase is the creative (and fun!) part of the program, where the exercises you’ll be doing are designed to generate a number of possible and exciting new career choices. It’s called the Dream Phase because the idea here is to be expansive, to think beyond your perceived limitations, not to be constrained at this stage by traditional notions of what’s possible.

In truth, almost anything is possible – if it’s right for you. You’ll be exploring the most attractive ideas you’ve come up with in some detail, finally narrowing these down to between one, two or three of the strongest career possibilities.

One powerful method you’ll be using is guided self-meditation. (Now don’t be alarmed!)

Even if you’ve tried meditation before and received less than stellar results, by listening to the audio included with this course and following my directions, you’ll tap into what I call your “Most Powerful Self” – a being freed from the confines of space, time and most of all – petty limitations.

This meditation is just six minutes long and can be revisited anytime you feel challenged or confused over your life’s journey, even after you’ve decided upon the career path right for you!

Phase 3 – The Discovery

This final phase of Discovery bridges the gap between imagination and reality.

All the top possibilities you’ve been investigating will now be evaluated, using a creative and empowering process – a process that will be putting everything together…

·     Your Abilities

·     Your Strengths

·     Your Life & Job Experiences

·     Your Best Qualities

·     Your Top Skills

·     Your Training

·     Your Qualifications

·     Your Current Work Situation

·     Your Personal/Home/Family Situation

·     Your Financial Condition – Including Earnings/Assets

·     All the ways in which you’re suited and prepared for this new choice & how well it matches your values and life purpose…
You’ll now know what it is you really want, and what you need to do to get it!

The entire programme is outlined in this ecourse, which costs just €23 – get it here.

Until midnight November 10th, pay what you want!!

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Buy this on Selz Start selling on Selz

Buy this on Selz Start selling on Selz

The Time To Stop Wasting Your Talents Is Now!

No matter what your current job situation, you now have a clear choice.

You can either stay in a rut – never realizing your full potential, or…

You can take this challenge and be one of the fortunate few who truly excel in what they do, because for you, your job will be a part of your very existence – and not just an annoying interruption to your life.

The bottom line is this… if you don’t fully enjoy and revel in what you’re doing, there’s precious little chance your work will please or impress anyone else either.

As the great philosopher Aristotle once wrote: “Where your talents and the needs of the world cross, there lies your vocation.”

Your true vocation in life is waiting.

Isn’t it time you stopped ignoring these wake-up calls to a better, vastly happier and improved life? Because if you do postpone your decision, you’ll be losing far more than you bargained for – you could well be throwing away an entire future.

Start Today!

The first installment of your programme will be delivered to your inbox within an hour of subscribing.  After that, the exercises will be emailed to you every four days.  I recommend you read the email at your very soonest convenience, and then schedule time with yourself to complete the exercises.

In your Getting Started email, you’ll also be provided with access to a resources page, which includes templates and audio files to help you complete the exercises.  I’ll soon be publishing the course as an ebook (for just €15), for those who prefer to dive right in and do as much as possible in as short a time as possible.  However, I would still recommend the course as the more effective way to go.

There are 18 emails delivered four days apart, so it will take you ten weeks to complete the programme in this format.  That may feel like a long time, but the journey of self-exploration takes a lifetime.  It won’t be finished even after you’ve completed the programme.  And if your future work decisions are going to be influenced by what you learn, isn’t it better to take a bit more time at the outset than to rush the process?

But that’s just my take.  And different people learn in different ways.  So, the ebook is coming soon, and if you’d like to be notified as to when it’s ready to go, just click here and input your details.  As a bonus for those who commit to the longer, slower (and slightly pricier) ecourse route, the ebook will be added to the resources page for you to download too.

If you’re ready to get started now, then click here.

Here’s to success and a wonderful life,

Hilda Carroll

Certified Fireworks Career Coach