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Gift Vouchers

Gift Voucher

If you know someone who might like to do a meditation course in 2016, now is the time to buy them a gift voucher. All course prices are increasing by €10 each as of January 1st, but vouchers purchased this month at 2015 will be fully honoured.

For people based in or near to Westport, Co. Mayo there’s a three or four week course to choose from. And—for anyone, anywhere—there’s also the 28 day ecourse, Come Om With Me.

Normally, people sign up to the 28 day course and start immediately. But, if purchasing as a gift for someone, I’ll send you an e-voucher with a unique code (your name, so they remember who gave them the gift everyday that they participate in the course). They use the code to subscribe at the time they choose to begin the 28 day programme.

To purchase any of these vouchers, simply click on the links below:

3 Week Course, Westport (currently just €35)

4 Week Course, Westport (currently just €45)

28 day ecourse (currently just €27)

Private session via Skype (currently just €40)


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